Ready to blog about fish

So WordCamp San Diego inspired me to start a really cool blog. The first rule they say is to pick a topic you are passionate about. There’s the rub. I get bored easy. See here, here, here and here. You get the idea. All good stuff, but no one notices.

But I love to fish and I think other people do too. People also love to blog so we have plenty and common. Let’s fish and when we aren’t fishing, let’s blog about it!

So amped up on WordPress stickers and free tee-shirts, I searched out some cool domain names. Fisher Poet, Fisher by the Sea, some others. I bought them all. Remember when Go Daddy cost $5 a domain name? Those were the good old days. Now they’re $12 each but you can pick up some good deals from some of the promo code sites.

Domain costs: $85

Which gives us the first rule of interwebs blogging:

Decide on a good domain name BEFORE buying unless you’re really rich.

WordPress fans also say if you’re even thinking about a serious blog you should host your own rather than use Automattic’s hosted solution. But I’m already in the hole and haven’t caught a single fish yet. to the rescue! I think there’s a lot of power in this product and can make for a successful, professional blogging platform and I aim to prove it. Then I’ll share what I learn with you.

With my interwebs infrastructure in place, we can begin our journey together. Join me on Fisher Poet! Fishing, blogging, poetry. What else could one possibly need?

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