Chapter 23 – Wandering Otherworld

Chapter 23 – Wandering Otherworld from The left hand of Light is up on Wattpad.

Even if we are surrounded by good friends who mean well, at some point in our lives there comes a time when no one can help us. In those harsh moments, it is up to us to choose. We must observe, weigh what we learn against our previous experiences and wisdom, and then make the call, knowing the call may be right or wrong. Maybe that’s what scares us the most. There’s no one else to blame.

We choose to fight. We choose to stay. We choose to run or walk away. Jaylina is just beginning to understand that these choices are hers and hers alone and that in the end, there is no other way to grow, to evolve.

Nothing reveals character more than making a choice under extreme stress. What would you do?

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