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Chapter 24 – Hitching a Ride

What I love about short Chapter 24 – Hitching a Ride from The Left Hand of Light is its simple premise: Things are taken from us in life that leave us feeling somewhat hopeless, no matter how driven we are to succeed. But if we sit in silence for a bit we may find that despite our losses, there is always another perspective which presents another opportunity that we did not expect, as Bellamy does for poor Michael in this dark time for him.

May we all find perspective in our darkest of times that leads to new opportunities, and may we all help point the way for another who is feeling lost and alone.

Chapter 23 – Wandering Otherworld

Chapter 23 – Wandering Otherworld from The left hand of Light is up on Wattpad.

Even if we are surrounded by good friends who mean well, at some point in our lives there comes a time when no one can help us. In those harsh moments, it is up to us to choose. We must observe, weigh what we learn against our previous experiences and wisdom, and then make the call, knowing the call may be right or wrong. Maybe that’s what scares us the most. There’s no one else to blame.

We choose to fight. We choose to stay. We choose to run or walk away. Jaylina is just beginning to understand that these choices are hers and hers alone and that in the end, there is no other way to grow, to evolve.

Nothing reveals character more than making a choice under extreme stress. What would you do?

Chapter 22 – Tide of Shadow

Chapter 22 – Tide of Shadow from The Left Hand of Light is up on Wattpad.

There’s a story about comfort zones and safety zones. They say when we are uncomfortable, its because we do not feel safe and we work to make ourselves safe so that we may feel comfortable. But we must be vigilant. Our circles of comfort and safety are rarely completely aligned. We may find we are in the comfort of a job we’ve done well for years only to find the next day we have been let go. Our zones of comfort and safety were not aligned and we didn’t even see it until it was too late.

So what do we do? We fall into a new situation, adapt as best we can and try our best to establish new patterns, trying to find a new safety zone so we can reacquire our comfort zone. After all, that’s where we want to be. We look for a new job (and hopefully find one quickly) but realize our skills aren’t up to what they should have been since we had become so comfortable in our previous job. So we train and learn and grow until we establish a new normal…a new comfort zone.

What if you found yourself in a world where that never happened? Where your safety zone and your comfort zones never aligned? How do you adapt?

Jaylina is about to find out.

Chapter 21 – Through the Mouth

Chapter 21 – Through the Mouth is up on Wattpad for those of you Dark Lights following along. Now, Jaylina’s world is–quite literally–about to change. Which of us can recall a time when we had to make that choice: To step through the door and change our worlds forever or to close it and go on the way we had been?

There is nothing more terrifying than change we set upon ourselves, knowing it will tumble out of our control.

When that happens, we just ride with it and let us take it wherever its going to take us. In the end, what other choice to we have?

Can’t stay static forever. Or what to we learn?

Chapter 20 – The Shadow and the Spear

Fellow, Dark Lights. May this season bring you some peace and healing.

Chapter 20 – The Shadow and the Spear from The Left Hand of Light is up on Wattpad.

I love this chapter because our lonely heroes begin to realize that while Darkness is everywhere, they are not alone in their fight. This is indeed, the beginning of taking the fight to them, to the other side. To those who would war upon us, we mortals of the Light.

Together we stand. We lift each other up.

Chapter 19 of The Left Hand of Light

My fellow Dark Lights. Chapter 19 – On the Eve of the Ghost Tide from The Left Hand of Light is up on #Wattpad.

Caught up in the celebration of the return of the Light Bringer, Jaylina steals him away from her new-found sister for a moment of private sensual healing neither of them will soon forget.

This is the last chapter before the crap really hits the fan. But this chapter, for me, is the kind of joy I want for our entire lives. Its an incredible turning point for Jaylina and just the beginning of her discovery of her life’s true purpose and her own real power.

Transmissions to the Mystic Nebula

Fellow Dark Lights. Poetry is my oldest voice. Its my lifeline to my own emotions. My childhood involved a lot of fear, which translated into a lot of anger. It was hard for me to say what I wanted to say. But what I needed to say always came out clearest to me in poetry.

Each poem I wrote became a mental photograph, a snapshot in time of my emotional state at that moment. When I re-read my old poems I recall what I felt: Fear, rage, grief, ecstasy, even those all-too-brief moments of joy and spiritual bliss, in more detail than an actual photograph possibly could because a photograph can sometimes capture what we felt (a happy or sad moment), but not always why we felt that way. One without the other blurs the memory of the moment. Poetry keeps it crystal clear in a way I can’t explain better…except perhaps in a poem!

I can’t be the only one who sees poetry this way. So I want to share these poems with you. To see if what I feel–and why I’m feeling it–resonates with the world I live in.

Am I even on the same frequency? Is anybody of my tribe out there?

Transmissions to the Mystic Nebula is free to read on Wattpad unless something changes. Maybe there’s something in there to help you where ever you are now. Can we better heal through a shared experience?

We lift each other up.

Chapter 18 of The Left Hand of Light Posted

Greetings, Dark Lights. May this message find you in peace. Chapter 18 – Leader of the People from the Left Hand of Light is up on #Wattpad. The Steward of the People of the Water must decide what to do about the sorcerer and his mainland companion. Do they bring Darkness or Light?

Chapter 15 of The Left Hand of Light Posted

Hi, fellow Dark Lights. Chapter 15 – Out to Sea from The Left Hand of Light is up on #Wattpad. Hunted by Darkness, Jaylina and Michael seek passage aboard the Sultana Luz and with a touch, Michael reveals to Jaylina a terrible reality of his cause.

Calling All Dark Lights

What’s a Dark Light?

Someone who has seen the darkness. Someone who has experienced incalculable loss. Someone who has felt indescribable pain. And passed through the terrible veil without losing their light. A light they now share with others to help them grow, to persevere and someday again to thrive. They’re healers, empaths, writers, artists. They are us.

Where Did It Come From?

Inspired by The Left Hand of Light, originally published in early 2013, whose lead character Michael is a Dark Light pursued by forces of Shadow while an empath under his protection discovers her own talents as a healer, Dark Lights are called to help others despite the darkness that surrounds their own lives.

A Community of Dark Lights, a Society of Broken Healers

Now more than ever, the world needs its Dark Lights. Suffering, oppression, pain are all taking their toll on our fellow human beings. Many are confused and want guidance. Others are in pain and seek solace. Some are lonely and cannot find their voice.

What Next?

If you’re a Dark Light, let’s connect. Let’s read together, write together and help together. We can be the faint light in the darkness that gives hope to that one person who needs it most right now.

More to follow…