Music discovered in the signal noise and background radiation of the Mystic Nebula.

Note to the creative: If these works inspire you to write, compose or mix, contact me so I can let the world know.

  • Raise The Rain Soothing, funky instrumental. Good for candle-lit dinners. Now available on your favorite music player or streaming service.
  • Ride The Moon (MP3, 3:21, 4MB), tells a story of passion and obsession. Instrumental. Communications is trying to pinpoint the vocal track and we’ll have it in the near future.
  • Information Highway (MP3, 4.8MB), is an early attempt for me to compose something that moves. Imagine all those bits whizzing through cyberspace.

6 responses to “Music

  1. Just discovered your music and I absolutely adore “Ride The Moon”.
    Thank you for your kind offer to download and share this.
    I’ll think about adding some text, inspired by your sound. 😉

  2. Hey Chris, your music is so beautiful. I LOVE IT!!!

  3. Thomas Pop's Vera

    My Son,
    Your music is out of this world, keep up the great work, love you son.


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  6. After listening to Information Highway, I’m rather curious to see what you could do with a software like FL Studio and some good soundfonts lol

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