Long time coming

ImageIts been 30 years in the making, but The Left Hand of Light is almost complete! The book will be coming out this Thanksgiving. I know many of you have been patiently waiting for its arrival and I am blessed to have so many that are interested in the book. I hope it will inspire you and move you as much as it has me.

Now comes the technical part: Transforming the work into e-book and print-on-demand formats.

Then will come the hard part: Convincing you to buy a few copies!

Speaking of Energy Privacy

Today, I’ll be speaking at the annual meeting of the Conference of California Public Utility Counsel (CCPUC) on the important topic of energy privacy.


Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling

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For you writers out there, a friend of mine pointed me to a great link that describes 22 “rules” for storytelling that is a great tool for validating your own story line against. A Pixar artist named Emma Coats apparently learned these from her colleagues and tweeted these in the form of “story basics” back in 2011.

I especially like #4 because it’s a great tool to help you figure out your entire story in the form of a 30 second elevator speech!

#7 also resonates with me because I like to know where I’m going before I get there. That was exactly how I wrote The Left Hand of Light!


Sitting alone in the Chinese restaurant, pouring a cup of jasmine tea, I suddenly realized I could do anything–anything–I wanted and was rocked momentarily by a boomcake of freedom known only to children and the otherworldly.

Blogging fun today!

This geeky poet gets to have some fun showing other poets how to use WordPress today! If you’re anywhere near Carlsbad, CA and want to come by and say hi at the Cole Library, be sure to bring your laptop!

Blogging workshop details here

Inspiration is supernatural

What if inspiration comes from ghosts whispering in our ears?

Moving to the finish

Its finally finished. The edits to the THE LEFT HAND OF LIGHT are complete. Its been a long and transformational journey. I have spent more tears than I knew I had in me. Soon it will be time to share this effort with you. I’m anxious. I’m excited. I can’t help but wonder what you all will think of this thing I have created. Creating art forces one to stand naked before the world. When you read it, will you see me? Have I revealed too much? Will it evoke in you what it does in me every time I turn its pages?

Let’s find out together. Always together.

Dare We Squander

Dare we squander all our years not being in love with something or with someone?

Lend a hand-Save Jennifer’s Finger Fundraiser

JenniferProfileSave Jennifer’s Finger! Details up on Mystic Nebula.

Healers are some of humankind’s greatest assets. If one is suffering, we all are. If you can help, even a little, please do.

And even if you can’t donate, please help spread the word via all your channels. Every connection helps.

First Excerpt from THE LEFT HAND OF LIGHT

Hello, all! As I continue to put the finishing touches on “The Left Hand of Light,” here’s a little taste of what I’ve been working on. In this case, the opening lines of the story. More to come soon. Enjoy!

The poem at the end of this book, a Shakespearean style sonnet, was scratched into the notebook of a patient housed in a sanatorium known as Port Angel between 1886 and 1899. Though witnesses believed the patient engaged in what some refer to as automatic writing, experts disagree on whether the child, a young boy, could have authored the work, since he had been born in a catatonic state and had never been taught to read or write. He died the same year attendants discovered the poem, having never awoken from the coma he spent his life in.
The more fanatical figures of the time considered the boy to be a prophet. The controversy only grew when Port Angel was abandoned during a hurricane and the journal was lost. Rumors contended that the words scrawled on the final pages of the notebook were, “We will remember.”