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Chapter 21 – Through the Mouth

Chapter 21 – Through the Mouth is up on Wattpad for those of you Dark Lights following along. Now, Jaylina’s world is–quite literally–about to change. Which of us can recall a time when we had to make that choice: To step through the door and change our worlds forever or to close it and go on the way we had been?

There is nothing more terrifying than change we set upon ourselves, knowing it will tumble out of our control.

When that happens, we just ride with it and let us take it wherever its going to take us. In the end, what other choice to we have?

Can’t stay static forever. Or what to we learn?

Chapter 20 – The Shadow and the Spear

Fellow, Dark Lights. May this season bring you some peace and healing.

Chapter 20 – The Shadow and the Spear from The Left Hand of Light is up on Wattpad.

I love this chapter because our lonely heroes begin to realize that while Darkness is everywhere, they are not alone in their fight. This is indeed, the beginning of taking the fight to them, to the other side. To those who would war upon us, we mortals of the Light.

Together we stand. We lift each other up.

Chapter 15 of The Left Hand of Light Posted

Hi, fellow Dark Lights. Chapter 15 – Out to Sea from The Left Hand of Light is up on #Wattpad. Hunted by Darkness, Jaylina and Michael seek passage aboard the Sultana Luz and with a touch, Michael reveals to Jaylina a terrible reality of his cause.