Calling All Dark Lights

What’s a Dark Light?

Someone who has seen the darkness. Someone who has experienced incalculable loss. Someone who has felt indescribable pain. And passed through the terrible veil without losing their light. A light they now share with others to help them grow, to persevere and someday again to thrive. They’re healers, empaths, writers, artists. They are us.

Where Did It Come From?

Inspired by The Left Hand of Light, originally published in early 2013, whose lead character Michael is a Dark Light pursued by forces of Shadow while an empath under his protection discovers her own talents as a healer, Dark Lights are called to help others despite the darkness that surrounds their own lives.

A Community of Dark Lights, a Society of Broken Healers

Now more than ever, the world needs its Dark Lights. Suffering, oppression, pain are all taking their toll on our fellow human beings. Many are confused and want guidance. Others are in pain and seek solace. Some are lonely and cannot find their voice.

What Next?

If you’re a Dark Light, let’s connect. Let’s read together, write together and help together. We can be the faint light in the darkness that gives hope to that one person who needs it most right now.

More to follow…

Vintage Electronica drops

Music from the ‘90s by Nebulani. Let it play!

Chapter 24 – Hitching a Ride

What I love about short Chapter 24 – Hitching a Ride from The Left Hand of Light is its simple premise: Things are taken from us in life that leave us feeling somewhat hopeless, no matter how driven we are to succeed. But if we sit in silence for a bit we may find that despite our losses, there is always another perspective which presents another opportunity that we did not expect, as Bellamy does for poor Michael in this dark time for him.

May we all find perspective in our darkest of times that leads to new opportunities, and may we all help point the way for another who is feeling lost and alone.

A reading of “In Darkness These Words Are Bred”

I can’t stop listening to the amazingly talented Heather Arrington do a brilliantly sultry rendition of “From Darkness These Words Are Bred,”

Please do me a favor and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

The original text is here on Wattpad.

Chapter 23 – Wandering Otherworld

Chapter 23 – Wandering Otherworld from The left hand of Light is up on Wattpad.

Even if we are surrounded by good friends who mean well, at some point in our lives there comes a time when no one can help us. In those harsh moments, it is up to us to choose. We must observe, weigh what we learn against our previous experiences and wisdom, and then make the call, knowing the call may be right or wrong. Maybe that’s what scares us the most. There’s no one else to blame.

We choose to fight. We choose to stay. We choose to run or walk away. Jaylina is just beginning to understand that these choices are hers and hers alone and that in the end, there is no other way to grow, to evolve.

Nothing reveals character more than making a choice under extreme stress. What would you do?

Chapter 22 – Tide of Shadow

Chapter 22 – Tide of Shadow from The Left Hand of Light is up on Wattpad.

There’s a story about comfort zones and safety zones. They say when we are uncomfortable, its because we do not feel safe and we work to make ourselves safe so that we may feel comfortable. But we must be vigilant. Our circles of comfort and safety are rarely completely aligned. We may find we are in the comfort of a job we’ve done well for years only to find the next day we have been let go. Our zones of comfort and safety were not aligned and we didn’t even see it until it was too late.

So what do we do? We fall into a new situation, adapt as best we can and try our best to establish new patterns, trying to find a new safety zone so we can reacquire our comfort zone. After all, that’s where we want to be. We look for a new job (and hopefully find one quickly) but realize our skills aren’t up to what they should have been since we had become so comfortable in our previous job. So we train and learn and grow until we establish a new normal…a new comfort zone.

What if you found yourself in a world where that never happened? Where your safety zone and your comfort zones never aligned? How do you adapt?

Jaylina is about to find out.

Chapter 21 – Through the Mouth

Chapter 21 – Through the Mouth is up on Wattpad for those of you Dark Lights following along. Now, Jaylina’s world is–quite literally–about to change. Which of us can recall a time when we had to make that choice: To step through the door and change our worlds forever or to close it and go on the way we had been?

There is nothing more terrifying than change we set upon ourselves, knowing it will tumble out of our control.

When that happens, we just ride with it and let us take it wherever its going to take us. In the end, what other choice to we have?

Can’t stay static forever. Or what to we learn?

Chapter 20 – The Shadow and the Spear

Fellow, Dark Lights. May this season bring you some peace and healing.

Chapter 20 – The Shadow and the Spear from The Left Hand of Light is up on Wattpad.

I love this chapter because our lonely heroes begin to realize that while Darkness is everywhere, they are not alone in their fight. This is indeed, the beginning of taking the fight to them, to the other side. To those who would war upon us, we mortals of the Light.

Together we stand. We lift each other up.

For your holiday consideration

The holidays are coming. Don’t stress yourself trying to make things “normal.” Protect your energy and embrace a different kind of year.

Let’s be mindful of our situation and how we can help in small ways. The homeless are still hungry. The lonely are still suffering. We can’t help them all, but we can help some.

This is a good time for Dark Lights to help those around them in meaningful ways, large or small, it makes no difference. Maybe you volunteer. Maybe you donate. Maybe you listen. I make bliss bags to hand out over the winter holidays. It all makes a difference.

If you know someone who needs lots of connection this time of year, don’t forget to reach out to them and see how they’re doing! All it takes is time.

We lift each other up.

A Society of Broken Healers

There’s a saying that those who can’t, teach.

This theory works especially well, ironically, in healing. Many of us have been hurt badly in so many ways. By our parents. Our partners. Our friends. Ourselves. Those whom we entrusted with everything.

I was unhappily married for 12 years before I realized I was experiencing abuse. I was told a happy wife would make a happy life but no one explained what would happen if I could never make her happy.

It got to the point that I couldn’t make a single decision regarding the simplest house chore without asking my partner’s permission. I was controlled, I was isolated. I was manipulated. I was made to feel guilty for doing anything on my own, even just visiting family. I took regular trips to the emergency room sure I was dying only to find I was having a panic attack.

When I finally ended it–because I realized I would have to be the one to end it–I was made to believe it was my fault. That I was a terrible person. I was told I had let everyone down, broken promises I had made. Caused distress to my partner through my actions. She struck back at me in every way she could, from fights over property to monetary support. For a time, I believed the lies.

But the week I did it, the panic attacks disappeared. Over the next several months, my soul learned to sing, if that makes sense. I even learned to love again.

But to this day, I cannot trust another person.

We are a Society of Broken Healers. We’ve experienced things we still have trouble articulating to others. Things that make our heart race when we see someone, or read something, or even smell something that triggers very old wounds.

We’ve been left…broken. Worse, our feelings and imperfect memories cause us to believe that what happened to us was somehow our fault and our inability to heal influences everyone else we interact with. The choices we make then lead us to greater pain as we find ourselves in a downward cycle of despair.

But there’s a way out of it.

When in pain, some of us have learned to stop focusing on ourselves, and share love with someone else who is hurting. Friend, stranger, it doesn’t matter. The more we listen, the more intuitive we become, and the more we see that everyone is going through something we cannot possibly understand right now.

There are so many ways to do this. We can all become better at listening simply by ceasing to talk, and more importantly, by slowing down our consumption of so much distracting media. Maybe we’re good speaking. Maybe we’re good at writing. The point is that we can save ourselves from our destructive criticisms through empathy and turn our darkness inside out, thereby exposing it to light. By making ourselves vulnerable, which is to say, we face our fears eye-to-eye.

Practically speaking, we know there are people all around us who are going through something like we have. Knowing this, why would we spend a minute more wallowing alone in our own misery rather than reaching out a hand to help someone who is falling into it now?

It won’t hurt. Why? Because we set no expectations. We expect nothing in return. Not reciprocity, not love, not kindness. Not even a “thank you.” In truth, the people we help, may not even realize how we helped. Its not important. Only recognizing the pain, the fear, the anger in someone else and enabling them to see it for what it is–a surmountable thing–is important. Only helping them translate their emotions into something powerful and creative matters. Then, seeing how we coped, they too may find another to reach out to, to stop focusing on their own pain and help someone else through theirs. A Ponzi Scheme of Pain. The tragic irony is that unlike dollars, there’s no shortage of pain. The euphoric beauty of it is that there is no shortage of healing either. So the scheme never ends. But our pain can.

The more of us who hurt, the more we can heal. How so? Because the act of healing another in turn naturally helps us to heal ourselves. By turning our attention away from ourselves, the energy of our actions turns from negative low energy to positive high-frequency vibrations. By finding the beauty in others so that they may better appreciate why they’re here in this lifetime, so we better learn ourselves about why we’re here.

We who cannot heal ourselves, heal others. And in the process, we too discover healing. We have realized after hurting for so long, that its not really about us anymore. It never was. We begin to understand that we’ve taken personally what the universe has wrought and we only begin to understand that the universe just is. We’ve seen that by holding on to our own pain for so long we have missed the bigger picture of why we are here. And how we can influence the universe rather than alway let it influence us.

So rather than lash out, or send our negativity to another person who does not need it, rather than stop trusting in anything anymore, we’ve come to a simple conclusion: We teach. We teach others how to cope by showing them how we did it. How we survived.

It is enough sometimes to know we’re not alone. Especially now, in the midst of terribly interesting times.

Ultimately, we do it for our own reasons, healing being most important. I do it for my little boy because I don’t want him to ever feel what I feel. Especially when it comes to father figures, but that’s another story. I am the breakwater that protects his fragile harbor. Sure, he’ll experience his own pains. I know I cannot protect him forever from the universe. He has his own life to live.

But I can show him how we heal.

We are a Society of Broken Healers, and we heal in the act of healing others.

We lift each other up.

Chapter 19 of The Left Hand of Light

My fellow Dark Lights. Chapter 19 – On the Eve of the Ghost Tide from The Left Hand of Light is up on #Wattpad.

Caught up in the celebration of the return of the Light Bringer, Jaylina steals him away from her new-found sister for a moment of private sensual healing neither of them will soon forget.

This is the last chapter before the crap really hits the fan. But this chapter, for me, is the kind of joy I want for our entire lives. Its an incredible turning point for Jaylina and just the beginning of her discovery of her life’s true purpose and her own real power.