Reviews of “Transmissions to the Mystic Nebula.”

“I love this book! I love it so much that I wanna meet Christopher and offer myself as his mentee, or his concubine, or whatever will work. His book is full of wonderful metaphors and expressive lines that can be compared to a bottle of perfume. Small, and yet if you open even the tiniest bit, an otherwordly fragrance will exude out of the bottle that will make everyone feel light and warm. That is how I felt while reading this poetry book. They are exquisitely-written. There is so much wisdom and intelligence in his poetry. The theme is the universe, particularly, space. The universe filled with stars, suns, nebulae and all galactic features. Aside from that, it also speaks of mundane things. Well, it must be so since we are also part of the universe itself.” – By Bibliokleptomaniac

What people are saying about Christopher Vera and Mystic Nebula.

“darkly amusing” – Eric T. Marin, Multiverse

“suddenly wry” – Yoon Ha Lee