Poetry Workshop at Cabrillo National Monument

The Southland Poets of the Fantastic (SPF) met at Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego on December 8th, 2008.

I was 45 minutes late and missed the whole thing! Well, almost. The air was cold but clear and I could see a storm coming from miles out from the Pacific. Rays of sun burst through the clouds lighting giant spotlights of ocean. Beautiful.

I looked all over for my fellow SPFers. I found out later they were down at the tidepools – too far to walk to from the monument to go check. I spent my time learning more about Cabrillo’s trip and the tidepools from some brief films in their auditorium.

The park closed at 5pm. My ride wasn’t there to pick me up. It’s three miles from the monument back to the gate. I had to walk in the rain…in the dark…through the Roscrans Veteran’s Cemetery. The road was dark – there are no street lamps on the path. The rows of bleached markers rose from the earth like whales’ teeth.

The walk was peaceful: The wind, the water, the sound of the ocean crashing far below. The view of the harbor lights while I walked gave me the feeling I was descending from the sky on a stairway of vapor into the city.

I loved every minute of it. Can’t wait for the next one! If you are speculative poet looking for like-minded folk in Southern California, be sure to drop a note and say hi. And consider joining the SPF.

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