The Solar Winds of Change

As you may know, the Mystic Nebula is dedicated to the study of the natural, the unnatural and the supernatural. I try to avoid politics. You have other blog sites for that nonsense. Let me state here that I have no doubt the Earth is warming and has been for at least the last 10,000 years. I also have no problem reducing the environmental damage caused by humans if it is done in a reasonable manner and not used as an excuse to control human behavior ala 1984.

Therefore I present the following story from the BBC with only this word of caution. It is risky to presume we understand the nature of the universe, or even the Earth. Extremists on all sides debate Global Warming without all the relevant information.

Now we learn that the solar wind is at a 50 year low. The solar wind part of what impacts the flow of cosmic rays around our planet. We believe we understand the ramifications the increase of cosmic rays will have on electronic equipment. But we have no idea how this has impacted the climate of the planet over the years.

The problem with this kind of data however, is that one can’t tax cosmic rays or file a lawsuit against the sun. There’s no money in blaming these for climate change. The larger question is whether reasonable scientists and politicians will consider all available data when tackling the climate change issue, and whether we are more concerned with politics than with the environment.

Count me on the side of the environment and those that truly put her first and not their egos or their pocketbooks.

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