A Case for Malignant Spirits

Years ago I was driving on a San Diego freeway. It was raining something terrible and visibility was poor. Before I knew it, the traffic ahead of me had stopped and I slammed my brakes and veered into another lane to avoid collision. My car stalled and the vehicles behind me narrowly avoided me.

A week later, not far from that very location, a friend got into a car accident that totaled his car and one that hit him. That got me to thinking about the possibility that a dangerous spirit, unsatisfied after my near-miss, continued until it had achieved its evil purpose.

Then I read with wonder about the U.S. Airways plane that crash landed in the Hudson river with no casualties. It was certainly a miracle to those on board!

Now we hear that another plane has gone down in Buffalo New York not far (relatively speaking) from the first crash site. Many have died.

I can’t help but wonder whether there was an unsatiated spirit frustrated by its first failure that caused the destruction we have witnessed.

Perhaps some forces can only be placated by negative energy?

4 responses to “A Case for Malignant Spirits

  1. Chris,
    I think your really reaching for the second example. Now if the second plane went down in the Hudson at the same spot, THAT would be some angry spirits. Just my 2 cents brother!

  2. For those that may not know, I had to approve the above comment since its from my brother 🙂 Can’t turn down family!

    But we can disagree: Since the planes originated from the same airport, I see lots of opportunity for spiritual connections…

  3. C.H.U.D-
    I think you’re reaching… and yet… how interesting. Now if you would’ve posted this AFTER the France plane went down, I’d say “pretty interesting.” I don’t think the planes had to originate or “crash” from the same spot… but interesting how the NY plane survived and the France plane… well… you know.
    But I feel, bottom line…. you’re reaching.
    And besides, SD freeways are never that safe, especially w/ all those Asian Female Drivers out there.

  4. Interesting post… in The Book, we read about principalities and powers of the air, so… what is to say that there aren’t any regional type of spirits which work in the vacumn of His Presence? particularly when the people aren’t interested in maintaining a relationship with Him?

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