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As If I Wasn’t Busy Enough!

I’ve just begun my poetry editorial debut at Prick of the Spindle. Its a load of work, but quite rewarding. Editing is for me a humbling experience. I used to view it as a position of power (as a poet constantly rejected), and I suppose in some ways it is, but from the editing perspective, it is the poet that has the power to make their work known or unknown. The editor is only there to help that potential be realized.

Feel free to browse the poetry selections (not to mention the great articles and fiction) and if you’re in the mood, why don’t you submit a few poems?

My recommendation: Send only your best work only and pay close attention to the submission guidelines.

San Diego Writer’s Online

San Diego writers now have San Diego Writer’s Online, a new forum in which to collaborate and discuss their passion of writing.

Moderated by JeSais, an upcoming writer and marketing guru, this forum is a great way to learn about the craft of writing and meet other writers in the San Diego area. You don’t have to be located in San Diego to join.

Witch Hunts

The ignorant and vicious are burning witches in Africa.

Source: MSNBC, Kenya Mob Reportedly Burns 11 witches

Now instead of witches, the villages will have 11 angry spirits.

Poetry is like Chess

Poetry is like chess: Its easy to learn, but takes a lifetime to master.

Treading on Ants

The revolution came as all revolutions do—
with fire and promises.
The poor, minding their duties,
suffer the antics of the rich for so long.
Kick enough sand at the humblest of ants
and it will rise against you
and its brothers will rise with him.
It is too late to respect the ant
after your lands are fired.
Be as an ant.

Universal Truths

The fundamental units of the Universe are its suns; its basic building blocks. Its galaxies are likened to cells in our bodies. Thus, its dark matter becomes flesh, unseen from inside. Its black holes are like cancer that feed oh, so slowly. Over billions and billions of billions of years. Yet its soul–yes its soul–is so human: Tragic, complex and unknowable.

Poetry Workshop at Cabrillo National Monument

The Southland Poets of the Fantastic (SPF) met at Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego on December 8th, 2008.

I was 45 minutes late and missed the whole thing! Well, almost. The air was cold but clear and I could see a storm coming from miles out from the Pacific. Rays of sun burst through the clouds lighting giant spotlights of ocean. Beautiful.

I looked all over for my fellow SPFers. I found out later they were down at the tidepools – too far to walk to from the monument to go check. I spent my time learning more about Cabrillo’s trip and the tidepools from some brief films in their auditorium.

The park closed at 5pm. My ride wasn’t there to pick me up. It’s three miles from the monument back to the gate. I had to walk in the rain…in the dark…through the Roscrans Veteran’s Cemetery. The road was dark – there are no street lamps on the path. The rows of bleached markers rose from the earth like whales’ teeth.

The walk was peaceful: The wind, the water, the sound of the ocean crashing far below. The view of the harbor lights while I walked gave me the feeling I was descending from the sky on a stairway of vapor into the city.

I loved every minute of it. Can’t wait for the next one! If you are speculative poet looking for like-minded folk in Southern California, be sure to drop a note and say hi. And consider joining the SPF.

"Those Four Little Words" published

The Magee Park Poets will publish “Those Four Little Words”, one man’s perspective on abortion, in their 2007 Anthology.

A reading party for the anthology will take place on December 5th at the Dove Library in Carlsbad, CA. Contact the library for more details.

See you there!

"The Kelpie", "Horsemen" Published

Terrie Leigh Relf, friend and editor, published a pair of poems for her poetry section of the Moonlit Path Halloween 2007 edition.

“The Kelpie” describes the tragic life, death, and new life of a sad girl. “Horsemen” is my Mystic Nebulean take on one of my favorite of Earth’s natural phenomena.

These poems are some of my very oldest. Thanks to Terrie for helping me share them!

You can find both poems here.

"Fireworks Contemplate on July 5th" published

Yvonne Legge maintains a fantastic website dedicated to the men and women of the American Armed Forces and inspired me to write a poem for her site. She very kindly agreed to publish it.

You can find it, and her site, here