The Left Hand of Light

Where: Wattpad

Description: A lonely woman with incredible intuitive powers considers ending her life. A broken and driven man—a Dark Light—with the ability to cross over into the Spirit World searches in vain for the soul of his lost love. When these two meet, so begins an epic adventure into places they could have never imagined while the Immortal Night, the Black Queen of Shadow contrives to ensnare and steal the life force of every living being.

Jaylina is a deeply intuitive woman who—as a matter of survival—has spent a lifetime learning to let go.  As a child, her mother died young and her father disappeared at sea. Growing up, she was outcast from a society who thought her a witch because of her talents, and as an adult she was threatened by an adulterous lover after she became pregnant by him.

After she decides to let go again by terminating the pregnancy, she immediately regrets her decision. Haunted by the loss of her child, she is driven to suicide by a supernatural being known as the Shadow Queen.

Before Jaylina can end her life, she is interrupted by Michael, a dark and brooding man with the power to cross between our universe and the other side. His quest: To destroy the Shadow Queen whom he believes has stolen the soul of his lover. Though Michael is repulsed by Jaylina’s weaknesses, he reveals that she is his Astral Navigator and that only she can help him find the Underworld, the final destination of living souls.

Along with Michael’s sidekick, a spirit child from 1899 named Bellamy Clayhous Martin who chronicles their story, Jaylina leads Michael to unimaginable places on their journey to the Underworld and learns that the fate of all human souls—including her never-born son—depend on Michael’s mission and her willingness to fight for those she loves. It is a story of hope for humankind, of the fight for one’s soul, and of never giving up.

Cover art is by Adelaide Marcus.

Cover design by Miko Radcliffe.

2 responses to “The Left Hand of Light

  1. I took some time to read the first few pages of the book on the Amazon. Quite the tale! It reads like a Tom Robbins book! Great intuition and imagination for a cool story!

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