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Chapter 22 – Tide of Shadow

Chapter 22 – Tide of Shadow from The Left Hand of Light is up on Wattpad.

There’s a story about comfort zones and safety zones. They say when we are uncomfortable, its because we do not feel safe and we work to make ourselves safe so that we may feel comfortable. But we must be vigilant. Our circles of comfort and safety are rarely completely aligned. We may find we are in the comfort of a job we’ve done well for years only to find the next day we have been let go. Our zones of comfort and safety were not aligned and we didn’t even see it until it was too late.

So what do we do? We fall into a new situation, adapt as best we can and try our best to establish new patterns, trying to find a new safety zone so we can reacquire our comfort zone. After all, that’s where we want to be. We look for a new job (and hopefully find one quickly) but realize our skills aren’t up to what they should have been since we had become so comfortable in our previous job. So we train and learn and grow until we establish a new normal…a new comfort zone.

What if you found yourself in a world where that never happened? Where your safety zone and your comfort zones never aligned? How do you adapt?

Jaylina is about to find out.

Chapter 20 – The Shadow and the Spear

Fellow, Dark Lights. May this season bring you some peace and healing.

Chapter 20 – The Shadow and the Spear from The Left Hand of Light is up on Wattpad.

I love this chapter because our lonely heroes begin to realize that while Darkness is everywhere, they are not alone in their fight. This is indeed, the beginning of taking the fight to them, to the other side. To those who would war upon us, we mortals of the Light.

Together we stand. We lift each other up.

You’re Invited to the Launch Party!

Left Hand of Light Small Cover Hold the date!

Join Christopher Vera along with friends and fans to celebrate the official launch The Left Hand of Light and explore new universes at an intimate gathering in San Diego that will include readings of the book by the author and fans, a book trivia raffle, a silent auction, an open mic for poets, writers, singers and other entertainers, a live painting demonstration by the talented Adelaide Marcus, and some light food. Come get your copy signed!

  • WHEN: Sunday, February 16, 2014, 4pm-6pm
  • WHERE: Expressive Arts, San Diego. 3201 Thorn Street, CA San Diego, CA 92104
  • COST: Free, though donations to Expressive Arts or to help pay for the cost of event are welcome and appreciated.
  • WHAT TO BRING: Your positive and loving energy, your copy of The Left Hand of Light if you’d like to read or have it signed, anything you’d like to read or play at open mic, and some money for the silent auction or to have dinner around the neighborhood after the event.

Its gonna be a great time in the astral plane! RSVP on Facebook on Christopher Vera’s author page or just come on out and say hello.

Printable flyer here (PDF).