Dangerous Attitude

In the mid-1980’s a young man named William Lovett formed a music band and called it Karesse. Together with aspiring electronica musician Christopher Vera, they began a creative relationship that produced a short visionary album in the 90s. “Dangerous Attitude” was a rock song ahead of its time in its defiance of color barriers: The lead singer was black and the guest rap artist, white. Lead singer and backup vocals by William Lovett. Music and lyrics by Christopher Vera. Rap vocals by Christopher Vera. The excellent guitar work was performed by a man we recall only as “Ron Bone.”

The download is free. This was a fun song to make. William and I used a home studio in Ron’s apartment (which explains the hiss…there was very little sound proofing) and it had been a long day. We were trying to hype it up so the performance would have some energy in it. If only Red Bull had been invented!

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