Long time coming

It took four years, but its finally done. I’ve earned my Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. The result was a book that stemmed from an idea I’ve had floating in my head for at least 20 years. Now its on paper.

Nothing can describe the naked emotion it takes to transfer a story from one’s heart to the page. It hurts. I finished my thesis a month ago and I’m still recovering.

Next steps:

  1. Edit the heck outta this thing! The story is exactly the one I wanted to tell but it went from concept to finished product in four months. There’s still some bugs in it.
  2. Find an agent. I’ve read article after article on finding agents but never really paid them much mind because I had no idea I’d actually be in a position to need one.
  3. Start the next one. I still have a lot of stories to tell. Time to start queuing them up…once I’ve saved up enough emotional commitment!
  4. Give back. I’ve worked alongside many writers that struggled. Some didn’t make it and it breaks my heart. Writers need to pull together when they can to help keep the pressure on each other to finish what we started. I want to work harder to help others hone their craft and finish a story for the world to see.

Here we go!

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