Warning to Healers and Sensitives

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I had an awakening encounter this weekend when I met a man who claimed to be a healer. He ran a booth selling crystals at a local street fair. In fact, he called himself a “healer of healers.” To be certain, he was very sensitive and even wise. He could pick out healers from a crowd and he was drawn to them like a moth to a candle. He spoke with wisdom about his observations on the universe and energy. He talked about how he could use crystals to move energy better than others and how he demonstrated his metaphysical mastery by playing a trick on a reiki teacher by multiplying the energy in a crystal until the teacher could no longer hold it. He talked about working with a client who used crystals to lend herself power and how he could cut that power off from her with a thought. Looking back, I later realized that never ONCE did he actually talk about healing anyone. This man was no healer. What he was, was an energy manipulator. Its true that healers can manipulate energy. But they use that gift for divine purpose, for healing. That’s what healers do. They can’t help it. Some healers are downright selfless in their desire to help others. This man manipulated energy for his own benefit, even at the expense of other human beings, even if it caused them pain. His aura was dark gray muddied with pink but the crystals in the shop made it difficult to see with any clarity.

As he spoke he upset me. Later on, he angered me. During our interaction he had tried to hurt me and more importantly, those who are important to me. I am no fool, but I am rocked that such selfish people of the darkness could walk so openly in the daylight. I realized I am terribly naive…optimistic about humankind.

This is a warning to healers, sensitives and intuitives, especially those who are still learning to cope with, or are unsure of their abilities, and to those that manifest the Goddess within themselves: Your energy will draw people of the light and those of the dark to you. You must learn to recognize which is which. You must learn to walk the path–light or dark–that surrounds you with the kind of people you want to be around. Though your mind is open and accepting, you must learn patience and yes, even suspicion when your intuition is ringing deep inside your mind or heart that something is wrong. It is easy to get caught up when you find someone who understands your gift and speaks to you on a level that you actually understand. That does not make them a friend or someone worthy of your trust. If you think that something is not what it seems, it is probably not no matter how good or wise the talker may seem, no matter what tricks they can show you with crystals. Or totems. Or anything for that matter. Watch their actions as well as their words. And trust, trust, trust your instincts over your ego or your doubt. Know yourself before seeking teachers of your own. I know you want to learn, to grow, to reach your full potential as a human being. That’s why you were put on this path. Just know that there are others who are not interested in seeing you successful. They just want to take a piece of that energy for themselves. And those users don’t always look like a bad sort. Healers may even instinctively reach out to try to “fix” these people. Unless you are VERY experienced at this, do not attempt it. Merely recognize the darkness for what it is and move on.
My enlightenment is still upon me. I am slowly discovering what my role is in the grand scheme of the universe and plan to consult a reader to find out more. There are healers. There are spell casters. There are energy manipulators and users. Perhaps there are protectors who use their own energy to fight for those whose light is threatened. And maybe that’s what I am.

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2 responses to “Warning to Healers and Sensitives

  1. Few can understand a journey to understand what is real and true. Real healers assist without wanting attention. Take years to understand and know simple cures for body and mind. I like the knowledge and wisdom in your thoughts.

    • Very well said, John. Every healer does what they do for their own reasons, but I find generally they do it because they feel a sense of purpose, of self, in the act of making another living entity stronger or healthier.

      False healers talk a good game, but as you observe them you can see they act only for their pleasure.

      Peace and friendship! Let us remain vigilant.

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