One Life by Cristian Ruvalcaba

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I’ve met a lot of performers in my time, but none like this smooth rapper with a story of courage that may teach you something about how to face your own fears with strength and dignity. Plus the song is just bad-ass. Turn it up.

One Life, by Cristian Ruvalcaba. MP3. Free download. Shared with permission. Always give credit where credit is due.

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2 responses to “One Life by Cristian Ruvalcaba

  1. You rock for spreading this! I’ll probably be redoing this to have a little more emotion and power to it… I’ll send you the latest when it’s completed!

    • Cristian, my friend. I am just a platform. Your positive message of strength is one worth spreading and I will do everything in my humble power to help you spread it. Let us know when you have more to share. We’re listening.

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