Here we go

I just fired off my very first query letter to an interesting agent in New York named Diana Fox. I’m a typical newbie full of high hopes and dreams, but I realize that it takes time to build such relationships.

More important is what the sending of this simple e-mail represents for me: a critical step in a long journey of becoming a published author and going into writing full time.

I’ve broken all the rules of good writing, of course. My book begins with a prologue for heaven sakes, and worse, it opens with poetry! But this is the time, this is the Now, for this story to finally be told. Now is not the time for cliched compromise.

If I’m very lucky, Diana will reply back to let me know all the terrible mistakes I made and help me correct them for future reference. I anticipate a very long road but it’s about the journey not the destination, yes?

Now is the time to fight and to never give up. Now is the time for dreams and reality to collide.

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