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Long time coming

ImageIts been 30 years in the making, but The Left Hand of Light is almost complete! The book will be coming out this Thanksgiving. I know many of you have been patiently waiting for its arrival and I am blessed to have so many that are interested in the book. I hope it will inspire you and move you as much as it has me.

Now comes the technical part: Transforming the work into e-book and print-on-demand formats.

Then will come the hard part: Convincing you to buy a few copies!

Lend a hand-Save Jennifer’s Finger Fundraiser

JenniferProfileSave Jennifer’s Finger! Details up on Mystic Nebula.

Healers are some of humankind’s greatest assets. If one is suffering, we all are. If you can help, even a little, please do.

And even if you can’t donate, please help spread the word via all your channels. Every connection helps.

Speaking on Privacy Today

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 7.12.06 AMI’ll be speaking on the topic of energy privacy today at the 2013 Data Management & Analysis Conference for Utilities. If you are a utility customer, then you need to realize that your usage data can be used to determine things about you: your behaviors, your lifestyle. Your privacy is not dead. YOU should be able to choose what you share and don’t share about yourself. Utilities have an obligation to help protect your energy privacy.

Wish me luck!

My writing is inspired by music

Every writer has different techniques that inspires them to write their stories. I have realized that I’m soundtrack-driven. That means that when I listen to a particularly interesting song I imagine a scene of a story playing out as the music plays, just like a soundtrack in a movie. Then I feel compelled to put that scene to paper and to work out what happened before to bring that scene about and what happened after.

I wrote “The Left Hand of Light” this way. It started with a single song, called “Sweet Lullaby (Ambient Mix)” by Deep Forest.

I listened to this song–literally–over and over again for hours as the climatic battle scene played out in my mind. I recall a trip I drove to Las Vegas and this was the only song I played the entire way home. Sweet Lullaby inspired not only the epic battle between the Light and the Darkness but also the song that the blind shaman Afunakwa sings to Michael through the silver string that connects Jaylina to her soul during his darkest hour. There’s just something about this song that makes me feel we are all connected, those of us here alive in the universe and those that have already crossed to the other side.

Another great song, Crayon Dreams, by Stian Stark, was the inspiration for the scene where Jaylina meets her never-born son for the first time in Otherworld. Its hard for me not to get emotional (damn it!) when I read that scene while this music plays. Crayon Dreams is a free download by the way, and I suggest everyone add it to their playlist.

Lastly, from the same soundtrack on the Crayon Physics Deluxe game, I found Lullaby, by _ghost. This is another free download that inspired the scenes where Jaylina explores the astral plane with Michael and Martin Clayhous Martin for the first time, and really almost every scene in the astral plane.

Good writers use whatever inspires them to create. Music works for me. I especially love ethereal music without words, or in languages I can’t understand. It keeps my mind open and the ideas moving. What works for you?


My thoughts exactly.

Seven Days to Topside available for e-Readers

Seven Days Cover Cropped

Attention, sci fi fans!

For all of you packing e-readers, I’ve made my short story “Seven Days to Topside” available on Amazon for only 99 cents (which I realize isn’t going to make me rich, but covers the cost of putting it into ePub format and the cover art!)

Seven Days is the story of a futuristic sanitation technician battling rat men and other mutant critters and outwitting city officials, all while keeping the sewers clean in the City of Happy Lucky.

Have a look and please take a moment to review it out on Amazon. Every comment–good or bad–helps, seriously. Thanks, all!

Left Hand of Light Book Cover


Hi, all. I’m crazy-excited to reveal the book cover for “The Left Hand of Light,” a modern mythology about a broken-hearted intuitive who learns that she alone can navigate the astral plane for a dark and mysterious man searching for the soul of his lost love in the Underworld. I’m self-publishing the book this fall! If you’ve ever lost someone you love, struggled to find your place in the universe, or just like a good story about epic battles between the Light and the Dark, then this story is for you! Check in here from time to time for updates and more great news on this project. Tell me what you think and please spread the word.

The beautiful cover artwork is by the multi-talented Adelaide Marcus.

Transmissions hits the airwaves

cheryl tolliverCheryl Tolliver will be reading poems from “Transmissions to the Mystic Nebula” on her Online Radio Station, “Love, Life, Pain, Joy” tonight, April 23 at 10:30 PM Pacific. She will be recording the show for those that can’t stay awake that late. I hope you listen in to hear her thoughts on love, life and relationships as well as a little poetry about the natural, the unnatural and the supernatural.

Magee Park Poets Social Media Workshop

Save the Date: January 2013 Workshop

The first workshop of the year will be led by poet, writer and information security professional Chris Vera and cover how writers and poets can use blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

When: Sunday, Jan. 27, 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Where: Cole Library Community Room, 1250 Carlsbad Village Drive

Admission: Free and registration is required. Reservations will be accepted beginning in January.

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“Transmissions” Press Release

28 years later, local poet publishes debut book online

San Diego, CA – Author, and San Diego native Christopher Vera announced the publication of a debut poetry collection started 28 years ago, entitled “Transmissions to the Mystic Nebula.”

This long-awaited collection of poetry follows the life and relationships of a cyber-poet in the not-to-distant future who seeks to find his place in the universe by initiating several unauthorized communications to a mysterious cosmic phenomenon.

Vera is a contributing member of the Magee Park Poets in Carlsbad, and his work has won accolades both locally and in competition. “San Diego is increasingly the place to be for poets and writers,” he said. “The whole county has more literary talent than most people realize, especially poets and writers of fiction.” Vera also spoke to the growing interest in steam punk, science fiction and fantasy. “Speculative writers are essentially presenting many possible gateways to the future, much like H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and other greats did before them.”

“Transmissions to the Mystic Nebula” is available as an e-book on Smashwords and as an e-book or print-on-demand through Amazon.

For more information, readers can visit

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