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Seven Days to Topside available for e-Readers

Seven Days Cover Cropped

Attention, sci fi fans!

For all of you packing e-readers, I’ve made my short story “Seven Days to Topside” available on Amazon for only 99 cents (which I realize isn’t going to make me rich, but covers the cost of putting it into ePub format and the cover art!)

Seven Days is the story of a futuristic sanitation technician battling rat men and other mutant critters and outwitting city officials, all while keeping the sewers clean in the City of Happy Lucky.

Have a look and please take a moment to review it out on Amazon. Every comment–good or bad–helps, seriously. Thanks, all!

Seven Days to Topside

Interior photo of a large sanitary sewer from ...

Hi, all. My latest short story, SEVEN DAYS TO TOPSIDE, has been published online at COSMOS Magazine.

Happy Lucky is a city in the future so large that its vast sewer system is the dark home to all kinds of strange and terrible creatures. Squads of trained and battle-tested professionals known as san-techs swear oaths to keep those tunnels clean. When a san-tech leader about to come home discovers city management has cut a secret deal with the mysterious Rat King he is forced to decide between his oath, his freedom and his duty to his squad.

Have a read and please leave me a comment. I’d love to hear what you think.

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Condorcon 2012 Delivers

English: A twenty-sided die (d20) as used in w...

Condorcon 2012 was awesome this year. Met a lot of great authors and artists, including the lovely Kat Rocha (wife of Josh Finney) of 01 Publishing; Alicia Hollinger, Liliana Atanasio, and Tom Kirkbride, creator of the Gamadin sagas. Played a little Dungeons & Dragons with @securesandiego (aka Ron Simmons) and his awesomely wild brood. Workshopped a little sci-fi poetry with my Science Fiction Poetry Association peeps. There wasn’t enough time in the day to do it all.

I appreciate Condorcon because it’s smaller than Comicon, so there’s plenty of parking, no lines and you can spend some quality time talking with the authors and artists.

Already looking forward to next year for the big 20 year anniversary! If you’ve never been to a Condorcon or San Diego, you should be there too.

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CondorCon 2012

CondorCon 2012

From the CondorCon website

CondorCon is coming! March 02-04 in San Diego, CA at the Town & Country Hotel. Cost to get in is $45. I am SO there!