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Seven Days to Topside available for e-Readers

Seven Days Cover Cropped

Attention, sci fi fans!

For all of you packing e-readers, I’ve made my short story “Seven Days to Topside” available on Amazon for only 99 cents (which I realize isn’t going to make me rich, but covers the cost of putting it into ePub format and the cover art!)

Seven Days is the story of a futuristic sanitation technician battling rat men and other mutant critters and outwitting city officials, all while keeping the sewers clean in the City of Happy Lucky.

Have a look and please take a moment to review it out on Amazon. Every comment–good or bad–helps, seriously. Thanks, all!

Seven Days to Topside

Interior photo of a large sanitary sewer from ...

Hi, all. My latest short story, SEVEN DAYS TO TOPSIDE, has been published online at COSMOS Magazine.

Happy Lucky is a city in the future so large that its vast sewer system is the dark home to all kinds of strange and terrible creatures. Squads of trained and battle-tested professionals known as san-techs swear oaths to keep those tunnels clean. When a san-tech leader about to come home discovers city management has cut a secret deal with the mysterious Rat King he is forced to decide between his oath, his freedom and his duty to his squad.

Have a read and please leave me a comment. I’d love to hear what you think.

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